Our Story

We founded Hireflows after identifying the lack of connection between businesses and the pool of talented candidates. Our drive stems from the need  to assist in bridging that gap by helping companies to create clear and accurate job descriptions, and more importantly achieve an accurate person-job fit.

In the most user friendly, quick way possible, companies avoid the clutter of expensive intricate tools that already existing platforms have. We aspire to reshape how small and medium sized companies approach  recruitment and selection of their employees. For a single job vacancy nowadays, managers are required to screen thousands of resumes each year with little or no tools at their disposal.

   HireFlows is a recruitment process outsourcing  software that uses machine learning technology to present the top candidates that best fit  the job description. Our platform also prepares structured interview questions customized to each job position accompanied by interview evaluation forms that are used to generate an interview score for each  candidate.  Individual candidate score increases accuracy in the person-job fit match, and the overall recruitment and selection process becomes more efficient than ever, reducing costs by 75% and increasing productivity by  20%.  With HireFlows recruitment becomes easy, affordable and efficient.